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PS Samurai PS JailBreak Clone Arrives with Custom Upgrader

PS Samurai PS JailBreak Clone Arrives with Custom Upgrader

Today we received word from Kevin that the PS Samurai PS JailBreak clone USB modchip has arrived, and similar to a few others it includes a custom upgrader PC and MAC application. 

From the e-mail, to quote: PS SAMURAI has now been released. 

• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI uses its own, custom programming software for PC and MAC. 
• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI has a recovery function, very useful after a bad flash. 
• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI uses 32KB on-board flash (majority uses 16KB) 
• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI is delivered with no code inside which means it is 100% legal. 
• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI device is rubbercoated and designed to enchance protection and grip. 
• Unlike others, PS SAMURAI can be afforded by ordinary people 

From the official site (linked above): 

PSSamurai Features: 

• USB Plug and Play solution that installs in seconds without any need to open up the PS3. 
• Does not break your warranty seal. 
• Compatible with all PS3 models*, both Fat and Slim. 
• Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA. 
• Fully updatable via USB on your PC using an encrypted bootloader 
• 32KB onboard flash (most competing products only have 16KB flash) 
• Disables forced software updates and will never brick your console. 
• Supports most games and homebrew applications. 
• Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive. 
• Playing games from HDD is much more enjoyable, benefiting from greatly enhanced seek and loading times. 
• Supports installing homebrew application on PS3 and external USB media. 
• Optionally PS Sanurai can be supplied with an “open” firmware which does not support backup loading. Users would then have to download a firmware update for PS Samurai to get full functionality. 
* Currently not compatible with 3.42 firmware 

PSSamurai FAQ: 

Is PS Samurai easy to install? 
- Yes, it is a plug and play solution and does not require modifying or opening your console. 

Does it permanently modify my console? 
- No, once you unplug it from the usb port it is completely disabled. 

How do we install PS Samurai? 
- Please look at our support page for information on how to install and upgrade PS Samurai. 

PS Samurai updateable? 
- Yes, it can be upgraded via PC (or mac) by using the PS Samurai stand-alone software provided by our distributors and resellers. 

What is the PS Samurai Software? What functions does it have? 
- Our own developed PS Samurai Software is a stand-alone program that can be used on PC or Mac. With this software you can easily upgrade your product. You can install open-source code like PSGroove. And also it have a recovery function that enables you to erase the on-board flash.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks news. Also be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks Forum for updates!

PS Samurai PS JailBreak Clone Arrives with Custom Upgrader

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